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For more than 21 years Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. has been offering commercial water softeners, and a variety of other types of commercial water treatment equipment, to businesses throughout the greater Ottawa region. We are an industry leader in the design, implementation and service of commercial water softeners for a vast range of commercial applications. Our mission is to maintain our reputation as a progressive force in the commercial water treatment field by developing strong customer relationships and superior quality commercial water treatment products at a competitive price. This is one of the many reasons that commercial business owners throughout Ottawa, Pembroke, Gananoque, Morrisburg, Cornwall, Hawkesbury, Smiths Falls and Arnprior rely on our skilled and licensed technicians.

Our commercial water softeners can be utilized in any number of commercial applications, including but not limited to:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes
  • Wineries
  • Hydroponics produce growers
  • Breweries
  • Seafood manufacturers
  • Dairy producers

To eliminate your commercial hard water problems, depend on Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. for our reliable and long-lasting commercial water softeners, and other commercial water treatment systems. Rid your commercial water of pesky impurities such as calcium, ferrous iron and magnesium, and ensure that your commercial process operates without a hitch. Our commercial water softeners will eliminate iron residue that settles on the walls of your process pipes, water scale deposits that develops in plumbing and process equipment, and other harsh impurities that could otherwise adversely affect your commercial enterprise. If you’re unsure of just what commercial water issues you may have, then our team of friendly commercial water treatment technicians can come to your commercial facility to perform a commercial water analysis service. They will measure your commercial water supplies hardness, and determine exactly which contaminants reside within it. They can then help you, the commercial business owner, select from a wide choice of commercial water softeners to assist you with your commercial water treatment needs, and install it in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. offers a comprehensive line of commercial water treatment solutions in and around Ottawa, Ontario. We sell and service an array of commercial water softeners which are highly effective at solving commercial water issues. All of our commercial water softeners are completely guaranteed, and if ever needed we offer commercial water softener troubleshooting and repair for our commercial water softeners. Please contact our skilled commercial water treatment technicians today for a complimentary in-business assessment and quote, and to learn more about the commercial water softeners, and other commercial water treatment systems, that we sell, install and service.

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Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. is the premier provider of residential water treatment and commercial water treatment solutions in the greater Ottawa, Ontario area. As specialists in water treatment system design and implementation, we offer a vast range of water softeners, iron/sulphur filters, reverse osmosis systems, water deionization systems, and much, much more, for commercial and residential applications in and around Ottawa. You can rely on Hills & Valley Water Systems Inc. for all of your residential or commercial water treatment needs, as we are Ottawas leading all-in-one supplier of water treatment products and services!

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